Construction work

Since year 2009 VIKOMAKSS have begun to offer  subcontractor work, such as plastering, brick laying, carpeting, painting. Vikomakss offers high quality in terms and budget.

All subcontractor work are done by VIKOMAKSS own workers and is managed by Vikomakss management  which  have great expierence to manage works in Latvia and abroad. VIKOMAKSS management do know the working environment in Scandinavia such as health and safety, local taxing and minimum wages.

VIKOMAKSS is capable to issue waranty up to 2 years and cover it with bank insurance.

VIKOMAKSS have introduced ISO 9001 in 2005 to improve the management system.

In 2010 VIKOMAKSS is planing to apply for ISO 14001 to improve environment standarts.

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